Reclining Lotus Sex Position

Reclining Lotus Sex Position

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Reclining Lotus Sex Position
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An intimate missionary style sex position with deep penetration and g-spot stimulation.

Getting Into the Reclining Lotus Sex Position

  1. The wife lies on her back and pulls her knees up to her chest.
  2. She opens her legs slightly and her husband lies on top of her. His knees should be near her bottom. She can rest her feet on her husband’s upper thighs to help keep her legs back.
  3. She wraps her arms around her husband’s upper body and he supports his upper body with his elbows on the bed.

How it’s done

The husband penetrates his wife and makes love to her. They can place a pillow or wedge under her bottom to change the angle of penetration and enable g-spot stimulation.

Add more excitement

The husband can wear a vibrating penis ring to stimulate his wife’s clitoris during love-making.

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